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Books by Rosie Chase

Rosalind also writes books under the name Rosie Chase.
These novellas are quick, sexy, and cheeky.

The Cake King

Sam Davis has been fangirling over celebrity baker, Michael “The Cake King” Godwin for years. When she receives an invitation to participate in a competition hosted by the Cake King himself, Sam jumps at the lucrative opportunity. 
But Sam has far more to lose than a competition—especially when a certain King starts looking like he’d rather devour her. 
With her family’s heirloom restaurant teetering on the brink of closing, Sam can’t afford to get distracted. Not even by the Cake King.
Can Sam really hold her own against some of the country’s best up-and-coming pastry chefs? She’ll find out what she’s really made of when everything comes down to one choice: Win the contest to save her family or take a chance on love.
But maybe Sam can have her cake and eat it too.


Devil's Food Duke

Adrienne is a winner. 
No stranger to competition, Adrienne was born and bred to be a contender, a pageant queen, a trophy wife. But, when she called off her high-profile engagement, she walked away from that glittering life and everyone in it. 
Now, when she’s invited to compete in The Cake King’s private baking contest, Adrienne knows it’s her chance for a truly fresh start. After years on the competition circuit, she’s sure she can win… until Oliver Kline walks in the door. 
A ghost from Adrienne’s gilded past, the brooding, haunted Oliver always gets what he wants. He might have grown up in his brother’s shadow. But everything changed the night he had to step into the spotlight. Now, Oliver owns the hotel hosting the Cake King’s contest and he’s got his sights set on Adrienne.
Oliver and Adrienne are both deeply scarred but maybe, together, they can find a second chance.


Banana Cream Baron

Maya loves romance novels.
With their simple set-up, reliable formulas and tropes, the way every variable adds up to a happy ending… they're so much better than real life. Messy, emotional, unpredictable.
Maya has done her best to arrange her world to avoid the uncertainties that could lead to a meltdown or (possibly worse) the revelation of all her little quirks.
But, when she winds up in a private baking contest hosted by the famous Cake King, her carefully constructed life is upended and a new variable is introduced: Cole.
Six feet of sexy, sculpted surfer bod, a sizzling smile, and a voice that makes her whole body vibrate, Cole is a flesh and blood romance hero.
Maya quickly realizes she’s stumbled into her favorite genre. But can she take the leap that love requires or will she lose her chance at her very own Happily Ever After?


Red Velvet Rake

When spontaneous, sarcastic Rei wakes up next to the fussy, adorkable, extremely British Tom, she can't get rid of him fast enough. She has a baking competition to win, after all. And, if she’s ever going to prove herself to her demanding mentor, Rei has to win. She can’t afford to get involved.
Unfortunately for her, Tom has a favor to ask.
He needs a girlfriend. And fast. His judgemental bestie is coming to town and expects to meet the love of Tom’s life.
Rei agrees to pose as Tom’s honey-bun as long as their fake relationship doesn't get in the way of her very real chances at winning the contest. But, the more time she spends with Tom, the more Rei can't deny how much she likes being distracted by him.
Can she win without losing herself? Or can Rei have her cake and eat it too?


Cupcake Queen

Danielle Green is the Cupcake Queen.
With a million Bakestagram followers and a seemingly picture-perfect life, Danielle is on her way up. When she gets an invitation from the world-famous Cake King to compete in a private baking contest, it’s just one more step toward celebrity chefdom. 
Nothing can stand in her way.
Except, maybe, Jasper North.
Sinfully sexy climber-turned-pastry chef, Jasper has his own claim to Bakestagram fame. But with his easy-breezy lifestyle, tranquil approach to baking, and hashtagged platitudes about nature, he’s everything Danielle hates.
Danielle doesn’t have time for men like Jasper. 
But she does have a secret.
Five years ago, Danielle was diagnosed with a chronic illness that affects every aspect of her daily life and sometimes that means she’s forced to do the unthinkable: Ask for help.
When things go sideways, Jasper is the only person Danielle can turn to for help. Being around this messy, flaky, climber bro is the last thing Danielle wants… until it’s the only thing she wants.

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