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Lot's Wife: An Erotic Retelling

You don’t know my name.

You never will.

But I was a wife.

A mother. A daughter.

I was a daughter of Sodom.

I met my first love there. And my second. And my third.

And I met my husband there.

2020 LAMBDA Finalist and Bi-Writer of the Year Winner

From Darkest Seas


A myth. A legend. A woman.

She could be the key to dispelling the monster within him. Or maybe she'll simply set it free...

From Darkest Seas 039-5x8-Paperback-Book

Rhonian Triad

While on a mission to explore an uncharted region of space, Kasha receives an offer for a menage adventure from her best friends--a bonded Rhonina couple. Kasha loves the single life but she can't deny she's tempted. Will she risk her freedom and friendship to try for love?

This erotic Sci-Fi story is the first in a series of shorts.

Bound in Blood

When Zelda’s ship is stranded in the mythical sector of space known as Black Bramble, she barely has time to get her bearings before she’s yanked from her quarters by unfamiliar tech. She wakes in the arms of the infamously deadly Pirate Queen Nightgrave who surprises Zelda with deliciously dominance, sensuality, and intelligence.

Nightgrave needs Zelda’s skills to find a fabled treasure but with enemies closing in Zelda will have to choose between the life she knew and that of an outlaw queen’s lover.


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